• The majority of today’s midsoles and insoles are made with EVA (ethylene vinyl-acetate). EVA is a lightweight material known for being both flexible and cushioning.
  • EVA  based footwear poses a significant problem: to increase cushioning you must soften the material, sacrificing response and durability. To increase response and durability you must harden the material, sacrificing cushion.
  • Several brands try to find a perfect medium leaving the consumer with little cushion and durability. Typical EVA footwear rarely lasts beyond half a year.


  • E-TPU (expanded thermoplastic polyester-urethane) is a new material that changes the dynamics of traditional footwear.
  • The composition of E-TPU is entirely separate from EVA, allowing an increase in response with an increase in cushion.
  • As a result, E-TPU offers longer durability and more comfort then traditional EVA based footwear.


  • E-TPU is created from thousands of small air capsules made with a rubber material called TPU (thermoplastic polyester-urethane).
  • Similar to popcorn: the small TPU air capsules are heated until they expand into a larger shapes with unique sizes and dimensions.
  • As the capsules expand, they are molded together to create the design of the footwear. This means that every step you take wearing E-TPU soles is on thousands of small pockets of air.


  • E-TPU’s composition allows us to increase comfort and response by simply increasing the amount of air capsules we place into a mold.
  • Increasing the capsules leaves more pockets of air to expand and contract together, resulting in higher response and more comfort felt in each step.
  • E-TPU also gains durability with each additional air capsule as the pockets of air are all separated and take significant use to compromise the inside.



  • Hefe Luxx is the first brand to utilize a custom blend of high quality E-TPU to create insoles.
  • Using raw E-TPU pellets imported from Germany, we found the perfect density to create the blends for our Original and Deluxe
  • As a pioneer of E-TPU products, we at Hefe Luxx will continue to research and develop the material to bring our customers more comfort with each step.