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Brings old shoes back to life! Great extra cushion for heel pain too!

Years later, still the best

Fifth time I bought these and I never fail.

Great with basketball work or any other activity.

Best insoles in the game.

I use the deluxe 2.0 for my work boots and I’m walking on clouds all day I use the comfort for most of all my sneakers and it’s a game changer.

Aj1 feels like modern comfortable shoes

I bought these shoe inserts to see of they will make my Air Jordan 1's more comfortable for all day wear and I wasn't disappointed. I was skeptical at first, but after trying them on, I was amazed by how comfortable they felt. They are soft, cushiony, and supportive. They fit perfectly in my shoes and did not slip or slide. My feet felt refreshed and energized after a long day. I highly recommend these shoe inserts to anyone looking for a simple and effective way to improve their foot health and comfort.

If you want the best - u came to the right place!

Love the insoles, very comfortable for anyone that’s works on their feet all day

The only insole

I used the 1st pair I owned for 5 yrs across 3 different pairs of boots because I couldn't remember the name of these, and they are still usable. Now every pair of boots and shoes i own have them.

Starter Comfort Insoles

Transforms formerly uncomfortable retro sneakers into Boost level comfortable. Starter Comfort Insoles are only recommended, the other insoles available are too thick and will elevate your foot too high causing foot pain.

Drop in midsole

This is essentially a drop in midsole, similar to what you’ll find in a basketball shoe like the Kobe’s and such. It’s got full length “bøost” with ventilation holes in the forefoot to keep your toes cool. If you’re getting this size, you need to wear it in a bigger, more hollow shoe that can hold this. Won’t work in anything that isn’t roomy from the instep down to the sole.

Game changer

Love these to increase comfort in older sneakers and boots.

Add an extra spring in your steps

These are quite affordably priced and can be easily cutout to fit perfectly into your shoes. They really took my year old daily wear shoes from flat to fab. The way they give a nice springy feel to my steps really helps me walk around a lot

Great insoles

Shoe insoles

They are comfortable , as I am on my feet all day.
Very happy with the product!
My son has them, loves them and referred me!

Amazing socks, extremely comfortable

These socks have a clean design and no logos so it's nice to wear them without having to pair them with a specific brand of sneakers. Both versions of the socks are very comfortable and can be worn at anytime. The company was also awesome enough to include some freebies. Now if only I can try out their crew socks to decide whether they're too high for my liking. Other than that, will definitely purchase these socks again.


I won’t wear new shoes without these insoles! Seriously, every pair of shoes I own I have these in! HIGHLY RECOMMEND because I get the super cushiony support my knees and feet need!


I’ve bought these for pretty much every single pair of shoes that I own. Most comfortable insole I’ve ever owned. Buy now and thank me later

2.0 is a great insole!

I ordered a pair of the original deluxe and deluxe 2.0 being a first time buyer. The 2.0 is the perfect all around insole. The original is just to thick for anything I own. It would be a great fit for someone replacing really thick insoles. I mean it's wow "thick" when seeing them in hand so keep that in mind. The 2.0 is about half the thickness but much more comfortable due to being more stable. The best thing is the 2.0's cushion level still has a amazing feel, even though it's a touch firmer.

Comfortable and very thin

These insoles are amazing they are very comfortable and thin so they don’t make your shoes fit tighter like most insoles do. I recommend to try them out



Great product and great for my feet. Highly recommended

Product is outstanding

I've purchased about 6-7 pairs so far and include them in all of my stiffer soled shoes. Anyone wearing retro Jordan's need Hefeluxx to combat their rock hard outsoles... Makes wearing the shoes feel amazing.

Great insoles overall

Two thumbs north

I have bout multiple insoles. Not
disappointment yet.

All day comfort.