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The best!

The hype is real. It’s a staple compared to the rest of the insoles that I had before.

Best insole ever

I’m very satisfied with these insoles. They made my uncomfortable jordan 1s into a shoe I’ll have no problem walking around all day with them on.

Truthfully, the only other insoles I use are for orthopedic reasons. So this is my first time trying out comfort insoles.

I got these in my business formal work shoes (Johnston & Murphys), my Nike More Uptempos and a pair of Nike Dunks. I'll say it GREATLY improved the comfort of the dress shoes and the More Uptempos (which are famously uncomfortable these days with their '90s tech). I used to avoid wearing the Uptempos because they hurt. Now, they're back in the rotation heavy. I love that shoe.

I'm only a month into trying these, though. So, I can't speak to durability over extended periods of time.

I'll say this: If you like sneakers, you're probably someone who's on your feet a lot. There are some great-looking retro sneakers with terrible, outdated tech that is truly uncomfortable. For me, those include the More Uptempos, the Jordan 1s and 3s, and Chucks.

Now, imagine you're driving a car around some familiar streets. Not in any fancy, special, luxury or even notable car. Just a car. Like a sedan or a soccer mom van or something. Let me ask: You notice how you're not imagining how your posture is warped because the seats are uncomfortable? Because you expect to be comfortable while driving. You may or may not have air conditioning or heat when weather conditions call for it, but you'll probably be driving in a cushioned seat.

Why is a plushy, cushioned seat standard for travel that is just steering and pedal-pushing, but plushy comfort is not the standard when it comes to shoes you use to take INDIVIDUAL STEPS throughout the course of walking?

These are good, man. I can tell you're curious if you've read it THIS far into my review. Let this be the final straw: You want to try it. Maybe you got your tax returns and want to treat yourself. TREAT YOURSELF!

But really, they're good. They should send me a free pair after I wrote my ass off in this review.

I mean, I'll probably buy a few more when the ones I got wear out, but an extra pair right now would be nice, ya know?

Best comfort out there

I use these for work and am on my feet all day. I couldn't imagine getting thru a day without these. They make dress shoes feel like a mild ultraboost and last well over a year for each pair.

Bought for all my Dunks

Amazing! Made my dunks way more comfortable to wear all day. Will be a returning customer for sure

Great insole

Provides great cushion. I would definitely buy more for my other jordan 1s. Also, thanks to Sean Go for giving some info about your products. If not for his review I wouldn’t find out that there is an insole of this great quality.

Fantastic insoles!

I have tried a lot of insoles and I am a big fan of Ultraboost. These are just awesome!

Ultra Deluxe Comfort Insoles
guillermo mendoza
keep up the good work

I am really satisfied with your insoles. Before I found them my feet where always hurting me but now I can put in a full days work without any pain. Thank you!

Awesome Company with great respect to their customers

Had an issue with one of the items on the order. Reached out to the awesome team and they sent over a replacement with no questions asked. Not only that, they sent me an extra free pair!

Plush cushioning

Gonna try and put these in all my shoes!!!:) thank you Semper Fi & God bless

Great product

I’ve been using these insoles for almost a month now and I love em, I have em in my Jordan’s and in my work shoes. They are a great product.

Ultra Deluxe Comfort Insoles
Stefanus Darmawan
Great product & Service

Just awesome, products are awesome and works well

The best addition to every shoe

I rely solely on these inserts/insoles to turn my firm kicks into my more comfortable kicks.

I only wish that there was an athletic specific version to put in my running shoes.


Great very comfy

Great insole alternatives

Bought these insoles because I saw some reviews on YouTube about them, saying how good of an alternative these are compare to the standard Jordan 1 insoles. I bought three different pairs to try them out and I can say with confidence that it is one of my best online purchases in a while. It has improved the overall comfort of not only my Jordan 1’s but also my 4’s drastically. I can now comfortably wear them for an entire day, where as before they would started hurting near the end of the day. I very much advise the purchase of these soles for all your shoes as they really changed my appreciation for certain shoes in my collection.

Like no other insole

Durable, long lasting, all day support. No disappointments

Original Comfort Insoles
Jeffrey Schultz
Love the Boost

Perfect fit in my size 13 Jordan 1s. So comfortable. Love the Boost feel.

Great product

Great product at a very reasonable price.

Game changing

In 20 years of professional sport its the first time i am experiencing this level of comfort. And i love it.
I will be buying these for the entire family!!!

Original Comfort Insoles
Mahammad Camara
Awesome insoles

Very comfy!!!!

Great cushion

I love the custom feeling I have all day. They last all day, and these will be great for basketball shoes.

Original Comfort Insoles
Almarlo Dela Vega
Best Insoles

These are by far the best insoles I've ever used.

Perfect replacement insoles.

I love my HL Ultra Deluxe 2.0’s. They’re pretty soft and squishy. I use them in older sneakers which don’t have much tech in the soles to special and limited edition sneakers where the insoles have something special (printing or transfers) on them which I want to preserve. I also use a pair in my motorcycle race boots because those soles are harrrrrd!!! Makes them more comfortable when I’m off the bike and need to walk. These are the perfect replacement insoles.

Happy feet😊

I have high arches and need adequate support to make it thru a day at work on concrete. These insoles make my work boots feel like the support of a running shoe, or pretty dang close. I bought the slim model to put in my air max and WOW! I highly recommend.

Ultra Deluxe 2.0 Comfort Insoles
Daniel Sánchez Romero
Best Insoles ever!!

Thanks to Hefe Luxx, now I can wear my Jordan's without fear of getting my feet hurt! They're super comfy, building quality is excellent
My girlfriend loves them as well, definitely worth 😊