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Great product

Put them on my Jordan 1 golf shoes and wow…difference is noticeable. I use them on my other Jordan 1’s too.

A great buy

On my 4th set of these, I use them for whenever my shoes need an extra boost. Can't recommend them enough

5 stars

My Mike Nike dunks wearable all day. Lesssgoooo


Was hesitant to purchase but I saw a YouTube video that recommended Hefe and my husbands ultra boost insoles were toast. I had two options, purchase new shoes or try these insoles and I am so glad that I did. I think I might switch out the insoles in my boosts too!

Best insoles for comfort

These insoles feel like walking on air.

Comfiest insole ever

This is the only insole I will be using for awhile. It can give an old pair of shoes new life, or make a brand new pair more comfy. I’f you’re a fan of the Air Jordan 1 these will make that particular model a whole different ride. I am excited to try these in a pair of dress shoes, as most are not comfy at all for all day use. Use the 33% off deal while it’s around !

Ultra Deluxe 2.0 Comfort Insoles
Jose Luis Sousa Malagon
Every days

It makes a big difference my Towlie campus are now everydays.

Great insoles

I normally wear construction boots for work and I’ve tried other insoles from finishline, & Academy they worked alright but fell apart and were not even worth the money but since trying out the deluxe my feet feel so much better after a 8-10 shift

Original Comfort Insoles
Alfredo Guerrero
((((((( Amazing )))))))

Comfortable amazing excellent insoles

Great for rollerblades

I bought the thick and thin version to test in my rollerblades. I have already a dense bit thin heel pad, but I wanted comfort for my whole foot. I found the thin one fitted the best and did an amazing job.

I have jumping around all sorts of obstacles in the streets with no worries. I definitely recommend to any skaters, especially when paired with a thin dense heel pad!

Good purchase. Great comfort!

Great Insoles

Very comfortable and supportive insoles. I have Plantar Fasciitis. They help me a lot.

Great replacement insole for my Yeezy 350s

Insoles are easy to trim and fit/feel great in my 350s.

Great Discovery

Loves these insoles. Found by accident after paying $400 for professional orthopedic insoles. Hate them for running. Run now only with hefeluxx. Absolutely love the bounce.

Best Insoles on the market

Love these! They allow me to wear any shoe comfortably

Great for shoes that are a bit big

So I used to wear a size 13 but when I started losing weight, my feet shrunk. Im now a 12/12.5. I didn’t want to get rid of my KD 4s, so buying these helped fill up that extra space and made them more comfortable! Love my purchase!

No more pain in feet

Very comfy insoles, I use them in all of my sneakers and even in my work shoes.

Game changer

Used it for all my sneakers, especially on long walks. Protection for my feet.

Game changer

Honestly a game changer I put them in ALL my shoes and sneakers for all day comfort and recommend them to everyone I know!! But I’d definitely love to see some new models with arch support!

Super comfortable

This insoles helped with feet pain awesome product.

Best insoles ever

I used these in my Adidas UltraBoost running shoes , and literally put over 500 miles on the shoes until they fell apart. The Hefe Luxx insoles are still good , put them in another pair of shoes

These will let you wear running shoes way past the wear out period

Great Insoles

Very comfortable and they make walking in Jordans bearable now

First purchase

It was a great experience buying from hefeluxx, got everything quick and on time, quality is good. It literally just turns all your shoe into a pair of ultraboost.

Best insoles

Best insoles. Only one I'll ever buy

Worth the money!

These insoles have the boost technology of yeezy soles. They’re super comfortable & make it easy to wear my work shoes on a regular. Planning to buy more in the future!