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When it comes to your feet ... do it right!

Ask yourself - how many hours a day do you wear sneakers ... and if the answer is more than 1 ... you need HefeLuxx insoles. They feel better on your feet - but they also protect your knees and joints - and as you get older ... you'll really appreciate that aspect of it. I've tried a ton of insoles from Soul to Dr. Shoals to Ecco to ____ and I choose the new technology found in HefeLuxx - hands down!

Good stuff.

Love the insoles, I use them in all my athletic shoes and my Jordan's. The extra support is priceless. The terry cloth socks are great, feels good against the skin.

Great Insole

I bought these insoles to but in my Jordans since they are so uncomfortable. I replaced the jordan insole with the hefelux 2.0 insole and its much more comfrotable I can wear it all day with no worries. These insoles are great i would recomend the 2.0 for bigger shoes and 1.0 for a snug fit


The insoles are thick and plush and make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud…cloud 9 to be precise!

You may have to buy your shoes a 1/2 or 1 size bigger though…

Amazing soles, superb service

Hefeluxx is for the discerning and those wanting the best in comfort for their feet. My original Hefeluxx soles purchased years back are still holding up and giving me excellent support hence my repeat purchase. Furthermore the superb sales support leaves little doubt or worries for any long distance buyer such as myself to make Hefeluxx the choice soles and guaranteed purchase. Thanks Hefeluxx and special shout out to Ian, you’re the best!

Exactly as advertised

I purchased a pair of insoles with different thickness levels to improve my comfort level when wearing older, more rigid sports shoes but I wasn't sure what to expect.

To my very pleasant surprise, the improvement was quite noticeable and as a result I can now wear shoes that I didn't think I would again. Just enough bounce and responsiveness in both the slimmer version and the thicker one, I'm sure to get more in the future.

My sneakers favorite insole

Bought specifically for my Lost and Found AJ1s. They completely transformed the comfort. Felt like I was wearing a different pair of shoes! 100% worth it. Will likely buy more in the future!

Good Item

Used for Aj1.
Easier to wear.
Anyway lightness is good.

Head in the clouds

This is quite possibly the best product I’ve ever tried insole non insoles alike , it does the job and then some , these insoles can make your worst shoe into your best shoe , and on a side note I’ve been using these insoles for quite some time now , and I can say they do not bottom out , still as comfortable as the first day I received them .

Best insoles ever!!

These are the best insoles I have ever bought and I have bought many.

So comfy, feels great

Cut up to your shoes insole, and begin walking on great comfort

Nice insoles

I like the boost insoles. They aid more comfort in my boots.

Hefe lux insoles

These are the best insoles ever. They fit into mostly any shoe. And it enhances the comfort 200%. I would definitely recommend this product.


I put these in my AF1’s they fit perfect, and made AF1’s wearable!!!

Deluxe Comfort Insole Bundle
great insole

i saw an advertisement on NachoAverageFinds YouTube channel.
they do big size, are very confortable, the prize is good and they ship internationally (France).
I recommend those

Great insole

A have an active lifestyle and theses insoles gave my shoes a whole new level of comfort, cushioning and protection for my feet.

Best insoles

Very comfortable insoles - have bought 3 pairs now - definitely recommend.

Best product and customer service ever!

I bought a bundle last Thankgiving weekend and I got them immediately. Although very comfortable, the insoles I chose were too thick for my shoes. I requested for an exchange but they said they will send two pairs and no need for a return instead. Amazing customer service. I am loyal customer moving forward.

Very happy

I’ve told several people at work about my insoles & bought some for my dad. I work 11 hours a day constantly moving on my feet…average between 13 & 21 miles of walking daily at amazon. Needless to say I had crazy foot pain. One day it hit me, put my hefeluxx soles that I bought for Nike shoes in my steel toe with shoes. They were an instant difference, so I bought new ones to cut to the exact size of my work shoes. So so much better!

Love these insoles

I have dealt with plantar fasciitis since college. My wife is also a physical therapist and was able to use a fellow therapist to make me custom orthotic insoles once but once they wore out I did not want to spend the money on custom insoles. I have used many different styles and brands throughout the years but nothing has worked as well as these. I have multiple pairs and wear them in all my shoes.

Game changers

Works well with my work shoes and my Dunks 👍🏼

Walking on sunshine

All of the soles I’ve bought are very comfy.


These are by far my favorite insults I've ever used! Highly recommend trying these out

Very Comfortable

Love it.

Supercomfortable thank you