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All day comfort.

Super comfy, feet don’t hurt after standing all day

Great for the Sole

Had some worn out Jordan 1s that feel amazing thanks to these things. Customer service was great too when I was sent another pair for free when I accidentally mis-sized them when cutting them. Superb overall experience.

I love these insoles

These are the best insoles I’ve ever had. They’re light and comfortable. I work in heavy, stiff boots all day and they make my boots feel comfy. I wish I could give more stars.

Surprisingly comfortable and warm

Great find

These brought my Adidas Ultraboost back to life. I'm very happy with them. And not that I needed it, but they added a little lift just due to all the awesome cushioning of the insoles (front to back). My feet no longer hurt when I wear these shoes. I think I might just need a second pair at this rate!

I love you guys!

I love these insoles. I bought 10 insoles, 2 ultra deluxe 2.0, 4 original comfort, 4 starter comfort. They all feel amazing, I am a security guard and these insoles allow me to stay in my feel for long hours. I am a size 6.5, so I am used to having to cut of customize my insoles to make them work. The Ultra deluxe no customization needed I just popped them in my boots. The Original Comfort and the Starter Comfort needed to be customized. I cut the front end shorter and also cut the heel end and glue it together with rubber cement. They work great, goes to show how good their product is. I didn’t think too much about it because like I mentioned earlier I am just used to not having things my size.

A month passes and I was contacted via email by Colin the co-founder about how I felt about my insoles. I was honest, I told him I loved the insoles but i was hesitant to write a 5 star review because my need to customize them. The product is great, and that do to my need to customize them I couldn’t give them the 5 stars I knew they deserved. I don’t feel like I should give Hefe anything less than a 5 star, their product is the best I’ve had in feet. (Did I mention they sent me a pair of complementary no show socks, that are also very comfortable?)

2 days pass and Ian reaches out to me, and asks if its ok to send me pair of Ultra Deluxe 2.0 insoles since those were the ones I didn’t have to customize. I was and still am very surprised that Hefe Luxx would react this way. Customer service alone, is reason enough to work with Hefe. I really appreciate them for taking care of me.

In the human experience we forget that we are all connected to each other by our feet making contact with the earth, and Hefe Luxx just makes our time here a little more comfortable.

Thank you Hefe Luxx

Turned my Vans Authentics in to ultra boosts.


I’m just starting out with the insoles and my feet feel such relief when I’m walking in them and when I put them in different shoes I feel the same exact comfort I can’t wait to upgrade to the next pair the more comfortable pair

Best insole for Jordan 1 high

I cannot believe I can still jump in my Jordan 1 even after 3 days trip in my holiday. Feels like boost in my Jordan 1 and definitely I will buy more to fit all my shoes. No more foot fatigue.

100% recommended

Pretty Good

It’s pretty good. Great customer service!

Excellent insoles

I had a great experience with Hefe Luxx. Right out the gate, the customer service was top notch. I accidentally ordered the wrong inserts and resigned to having to go through a return process to get he right set. Customer service was on top of it, they got my order corrected before it shipped out and I was so happy with the product, I immediately ordered another set!

Needless to say, I’ve already recommended this company to a few people that have asked for good inserts over the past couple of weeks around my office. Quality product and fantastic customer service will keep me coming back to Hefe Luxx for all of my future shoe insert needs.

Shoutout to Colin for checking in on me, seriously y’all, this is a great business to support - one of the good ones.

Very comfortable. It's a must have.


I cant wear my boots for work without a pair of these!

Great product

Great product



Customer Service was great

I got the deluxe but unfortunately made it too tight on the top of my foot. I contacted customer service and asked if there was the thinner version but unfortunately I have tiny feet (women's 6) and the thinner version starts at size 7. Customer service was great and stand by their products. I tried breaking in the insoles to see if it'll compress to a more comfortable wear but it's still pretty tight so I'll probably give up on these and try a different brand. Hopefully, Hefe will get the smaller sizes in the other versions in the future. If they do, I'll definitely buy those.

The Greatest Insoles of all time

The Greatest Insoles of all time. All 4 of them.

Make my day

On my feet all day at work and really need a lot if cushioning. These do the job . My son got me my first set and got me hooked. I have them in work and casual shoes. I even gave a pair to a fellow worker to help her feet. Great insoles.

Starter Comfort Insoles
Colleen Hazeldene
This product make any shoe comfortable

Any shoes I put theses in make them so comfy and easy to walk around in all day


I love these insoles they give me so much comfort all day , I'm a 340 pound man and these hold up really well.

Great insoles- comparable to wearing Adidas Boosts

These are great insoles, they're comparable to wearing Adidas Boosts shoes and you can put these in any of your shoes!

Great product only change I would make is to get the slightly thinner option great product fast delivery

Best insoles for comfort

I have tried many aftermarket insoles, these seem to be the best if you're looking for comfort.

Works for work

I work at as a server so I’m on my feet all day. I swapped out my insole on my coke haan dress shoes and I’ve loved them since. I feel springier and just more comfortable. Great product thank you WearTesters for the recommendation