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great insoles

Finally found the most comfortable insoles (at least from my experience) ever, and I've tried a few. I can finally wear shoes that I don't normally buy, mainly Jordan 1s and Dunks


Really good insoles, better then most shoes. Almost like ultra boost.

Theeeeee BESTTT!!!

Like I’m walking in clouds! Almost if not.. better then boost!

Starter are the softest!

I originally ordered the deluxe but they were too firm for me. After contacting customer service they were kind enough to send me a replacement and i have to say I’m super impressed with the starters. I would have thought it was the other way around but it’s all based on personal preference.

Hefe Luxx A++

Thanks to Hefe Luxx insoles, I can wear my Jordan 1 lows all day in comfort! Customer service is top notch as well!

Best insole I have ever had

I tried so many inserts for my shoes for working out, work on my feet all day, daily activities, and I’m a big guy these insoles are the best and last longer then others.

5 stars

I use it to for my basketball shoes and it prevents you from getting shin splints!!! Enough said.

Give your feet a chance...

When you examine virtually every insole that comes with sneakers or casual shoes - you'll find a 1/16th inch of foam between your feet and the shoe itself. NOW - look at Hefeluxx - (a) it's thicker and more dense and strategically focused, but also (b) its there to protect your ankles, knees and hips from the shock of making every step / stride. Personally, I look at Hefeluxx insoles as really inexpensive Healthcare - in fact one of the best foot doctors I've ever seen. Thanks Heffeluxx!

Great product!!

Tested your soles on a jordan 1 low traveling 2 weeks in Australia… it worked great and felt very comfortable. Will buy more…

Great insoles!

Sean Go got me here and I've ordered at least 10 pairs of insoles. Needed to have many pairs as I forget where they end up sometimes. Great for my Jordan 1's, 4's, and other stiff sole shoes. Also great to gain up a 1/2 size if needed.

Ultra Deluxe 2.0 Comfort Insoles
Juan carlos Montinola
Best insoles

Best insoles I've bought so far. Very comfortable for all day use.

All day comfort!

These are amazing for any shoes and make shoes like the classic chucks wearable for long hours!

Great inserts!!

These insoles cannot be underestimated! I bought 2 pairs and cannot be more satisfied!


I bought these insoles for my Jordan 1’s since they felt a little uncomfortable after a while. Wow, it really made a difference, it’s like walking on clouds and barely notice that I’m wearing shoes at all. I was so impressed that I bought another pair of insoles for my custom Dunks that I’ll immediately replace the retail insoles with. Thanks for the awesome insoles!

Give your feet a chance...

If you have never removed a shoe's existing (factory) insoles - you're in for a treat. How manufacturers think that a 1/16th inch of fabric is going to cushion my feet is beyond me. So when I learned about HefeLuxx's BOOST-like insoles - I was all in! They make every pair of shoes I have ... from sneakers to loafers to slip-ons - feel like walking on clouds. Just give your existing soles a peak ... you'll make the switch to HefeLuxx immediately!

Best insoles

Great insoles…super comfy….keep up the good work


Similar to boost, put in boots for hunting and felt like walking on clouds all day

Love these insoles!

Heard from a friend. I work as a letter carrier and walk 11-13 miles a day 5-6 days a week. All different weather and terrains. Really love these insoles. Great feel. Feet are not as sore as before and they’ve provided great comfort throughout the day. It’s like day and night when switching from my work shoes to my normal shoes. Will purchase more for my everyday shoes for ultimate comfort

Everyday wear

I was told about these by a friend who swears by them.
I was pleased with the comfort and how easy it was to fit correctly. I need to get more for my other shoes


Pricey but amazing!

Excellent Insoles

I watched all the reviews from good to bad before I made my purchase. I wear mostly Jordan’s and as some of you know, not all Jordan’s are comfy. These insoles made wearing those J’s a MUCH better experience! Do not hesitate to get these!

Also, if you’re gonna get the thicker insoles, I’d recommend putting them in shoes that are either a half size to a full size bigger than your normal shoe. Or use them for boot’s instead of tennis shoes and you’ll be fine!

Starter Comfort Insoles
Ryan Bomersheim
Feet never felt so comfy

These insoles rock…I bought both versions and will be buying many more in the future…nice work

Great insoles, great service!

I got three sets of these insoles and they are all fantastic! The thick ones are perfect softness but still firm enough where they rebound some. I put them in some high top dunks and they are waaaay more comfortable now. The thinner ones I have in my skate shoes (adidas Tyshawn) and they make them way more comfortable while still maintaining good board feel.

On top of all that, the service was fantastic. Fast shipping and they included a free set of insoles and some extra goodies. Will 100% order these again!

Better than UB stock insoles

I had an issue with the UB22 insoles where I cannot walk for certain amounts of time without feeling pain in my forefoot. I got these insoles and they quite literally fixed that problem. One caveat of getting one of these insoles is you need a stretchy upper or it'll be uncomfortable to wear your shoes.

Best Insoles Ever

I'm a sneakerhead, and I love Air Jordan 1s. These insoles are the best in the market. Bar none.